Self Storage in Hull

January 22nd, 2016|

Self Storage is widely available, there are lots of storage facilities around but choosing the right one for you can be a challenge. Self storage in Hull facilities offer a wide range of options, storage container sizes, offers, promotions and more. But how do you sift through the gimmicks and find a self storage in Hull facility to suits you. Monstermove Self Storage Hull is a removal company operating from Kingston upon Hull in East Yorkshire. Although they do not actually offer a storage Hull service of their own, they can help and advise you on options, assist you in choosing a [...]

Iconic Photos of Hull – Monstermove Removals

January 19th, 2016|

We love our home-town and its history. Although I don't feel old (well not that old anyway), there have been lots of Hull's past, things that I used to take for granted that have gone and almost been forgotten. Remember Jackson's on Princes Avenue? To me, that doesn't seem to have been gone that long but when I saw it in a picture, it suddenly seemed like a long time ago and brought back lots of great memories of the avenues in my younger years. I've put together a little album, I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment [...]

Who is the best removal company for you?

January 17th, 2016|

Or to be more accurate - Who is the best removal removal company for you? There is no answer to who is the best removal company. Only who is the best removal company for you! One that is best suited to your requirements. When researching removal companies, admittedly there is a lot to take into consideration. So who do you choose? Do you pay a premium for a well known and established 'house-hold name' or do you go for one offering their service at a cheaper rate? What are the pros and cons? We'll try and address some of these [...]

Hull Bus Station – Way Back in the Day!

January 11th, 2016|

Totally unrelated to Monstermove, House Removals or anything, In fact this couldn't be any further off the topic of our usual posts but I thought this was interesting and worth a share. Do you remember the old days? No, not that old! But the days when we had that horrible, cold, dirty Hull bus station? The blue one that swarmed with pigeons and McDonald's wrappers! Well I came across a picture of it earlier, reminisce! Feel free to comment below..

Friday Removals in Hull – A Tough day!

January 11th, 2016|

Friday removals in Hull Friday removals in Hull! The big day of the week in the house removal industry. Everybody wants this day as it's the day that the moving chains start to move. Most of our Friday clients could be classed as friends by the time we move them as many of them have been keeping in touch for weeks, sometimes months weighing up our availability or booking in and rescheduling to fit in with another party in the dreaded chain! Why it is like it is! So many people are moving on this day of the week. Each [...]

Wales: Police seize ‘overloaded’ van. Best removal company

January 9th, 2016|

Choose the best removal company This obviously isn't the Best removal company! I'll start with saying that but they did manage to break a record in Wales with the most overloaded van in history. It sounds funny at first but when you overload a vehicle to this extent, the working components such as brakes and suspension are working outside of the parameters they were designed for which makes it unsafe. An accident waiting to happen if you will and when you think that it was on a busy A road, travelling at speed among many other fast travelling vehicles, then [...]

Video: Why hire a removal company? Car stopped with fridge freezer

January 7th, 2016|

Why Hire a Removal Company? Fast-thinking Steve Fazackerley, who lives nearby, whipped out his phone and took snaps and a video while police gave the driver and passengers a ticking off Why hire a removal company? I mean who needs one? This guy certainly doesn't! Can you imagine the trouble he had getting all of that in his car? And what sort of state it would be in when it came out. If that was a local run it would have cost him £40 if he'd have had us taken care of his removal! He literally ruined all of his [...]

We’re Back. Monstermove Removals in 2016

January 3rd, 2016|

Monstermove Removals As another page turns and a new year arrives, Monstermove Removals hopes that everyone is ready for a prosperous 2016! We came back to work on January 2nd 2016, feeling fresh after the festivities and ready for the year ahead. Our year didn't start so well! An alternator failed on one of our vehicles, thankfully though, she managed to get the job done before it gave in and we managed to get her back to base without having to call out the RAC! But.. These things happen and we're not going to class it as a bad start [...]

Man with a van runs off with £8000

October 3rd, 2015|

When Jaimie Haselock needed to move 25 cases of champagne, he turned to the internet to find a ‘man with a van’. A website put him in touch with someone who would do the job and the man turned up promptly and packed the £8,000 worth of champagne into his van before driving off – never arriving at Mr Haselock’s London flat. It follows the case of a young family from the West Midlands, reported by the Daily Mail on Thursday, who were left devastated when a crook posing as a removals man stole all their possessions. There are suspicions [...]

House removals in Beverley

July 31st, 2015|

[row] [span8] House removals in Beverley House removals in Beverley Monstermove house removals in Beverley [/span8] [span4] Beverley is a lovely market town situated to the North of Kingston upon Hull in the East Riding. We carry out a lot of house removals Beverley. Either moving people to and from the town or just around Beverley itself. Special care is taken with house removals Beverley. Looking after our customers and ensuring that their property is safe at all time is paramount. As you can see by the images on this page, we are equipped and extra measures are put [...]

Removal Company Beverley

July 31st, 2015|

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] [row] [span8] Removal company Beverley One of our removal vans loaded up and ready to go. Removal company Beverley [/span8] [span4] Removal Company Beverley Removals Beverley is one of our specialist subjects. We carry out removals all over East Yorkshire, in fact we travel right across the UK, moving people to and from our area. We've been up to the Orkney Isles and down to the Isle of Wight, so wherever you're moving to and from, providing it is in the UK then we're a great team to use. Protected household contents packed well [...]

Easy Self Store Hull job to Newcastle

July 29th, 2015|

1st Easy Self Store Hull to Newcastle Well, one of the Monstermove House removals and Easy Self Store Hull teams had a very easy morning today. We were booked by a previous customer to move a small amount of items over to 1st Storage Centres in Newcastle. The job was a particularly small one in comparison to most of the distance easy self store Hull moves that we do but we have some really intense days coming up so the team will have been happy for an easy day. Packing Easy Self Store Hull containers The packing of the Easy Self Store [...]