Secure Self Storage in Hull & East Yorkshire

Self Storage is something that is requested very often. There are many reasons why you would need to have your property stored for a time. These include temporary measures where you may need self storage to store some items until you receive the keys to your new home, or maybe you have a hobby which is starting to overtake your living space! Whatever the reason is, we have it covered.

What is Self Storage?

Self Storage is a service whereby you can have your furniture and such stored safely in a clean, dry and secure location. Having your items stored can save a lot of hassle in dividing your property around your friends and family’s spare rooms and garages, which can make you highly unpopular if you need your possessions stored for longer than you initially expected. This is quite common in situations involving people who are moving home. Having your possessions stored in a facility means that the problem is solved for as long as you need and you can forget about it until the time comes when you are ready.

Make The Right Self Storage Choice

Although we do not offer a self storage service personally, we can guide you into making the right choice. With so many self storage facilities available throughout Hull, it can be a challenge to select the right one for your circumstances. Some people need a lot of items stored and some only a few, some people need their items storing for a long period of time and others do not whilst some have high valued items and others may just have some garden furniture that may not need a premium storage option. We are here to help you make an informed decision on the right facility for your needs!

Whatever the needs may be, a professional removal company will save you money on self storage. One of our daily duties is maximising the capacity of a given space. We pack our vehicles efficiently to save the need for extra trips and we will use our skills to maximise the capacity of your storage containers. Less storage containers means you pay less.

Get in touch today

Essentially, there are two things to consider when pricing up your storage requirements. The first is the cost of transporting your items to the self storage facility and the second is the cost of the container rental. Needless to say, we cover the first of these and are happy to provide you with a quotation on the transport. We will also pass your details onto the best-fitting storage facility so that they can get in touch and provide a price on your storage requirements. Don’t worry, we don’t pass your request onto just anybody and you will not be contacted by several storage facilities who will try and win your business. We will only pass your request onto one or two companies who will contact you in a professional manner and provide you with a quotation along with help and advice on how to make your storage experience as cost effective and painless as possible.