Depend on us for Self Storage in Hull

We pride ourselves in offering a service that is second to none. With keen and motivated staff who are trained to a very high standard and vehicles equipped to take on anything, we really are the team that you can depend on for Hull Self Storage.

As the summer season approaches and more people are planning their relocation, self storage becomes a fundamental service. Don’t leave it until the last minute, have your plan B in place in the event that your sale goes through before you purchase. Don’t spread your home’s contents over several of your families properties until your new home is available! Self Storage is fast, reliable, convenient and doesn’t cost the earth. What’s more, you’re not putting anyone out, or calling in any favours and you can store as much as you wish, for as long as you wish. The minimum storage term is a week and costs as little as £10 and if you choose a professional team to pack your items into your storage containers, you’re guaranteed to get the most ‘bang for you buck!’


What can I store?

More or less anything, but there are exceptions!

  • Combustible, Toxic, Harmful or flammable materials
    Anything considered inherently dangerous is not permitted into Hull Self Storage. This includes, but is not limited to petrol, fireworks, harmful chemicals, Asbestos, fertilisers, drugs, firearms and ammunition.
  • Perishable Foods and Animal products
    Anything that will expire, perish or otherwise diminish over time that is likely to attract bacteria or rodents
  • Animals, Plants or Stolen Items
    Animals and plants (dead or alive) are not permitted. Neither is the use of heaters, generators, fridges or people inhabiting Hull Self Storage units!

With that said, get in touch with Monstermove Hull Self Storage today for a free, no obligation quote as well as comprehensive and friendly advice on all of your self storage needs.

May 24th, 2016|