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Moving House

Moving HouseAre you moving house? Then you must be looking for a reputable moving house company like Monstermove Removals Hull?

We started out in 2011, although we do have years of experience in the removals industry previously to setting up our own. We started out with a small van, a really small van and slowly progressed through the years into the fully-fledged removal company that we are today. When we first started out, we went by the name of Van Man Hull. The name was great back in those days as we carried out a lot of small jobs, like deliveries and such. We outgrew our name quickly and soon started to realise that the name ‘Van Man’ was actually hurting our potential. Customers were making comments on the picture they had of us before we arrived, a bloke with a beat up van, dog on the passenger seat etc. which admittedly, is quite funny. One lady in-particular inspired the re-brand when she said

We nearly didn’t use you because you sound like a little delivery driver whom one would expect to use for picking up a washing machine from a retailer

That is when we realised that our moving house company was underrated and something needed to be done. There was also the fact that there are only so many things can be done with the words Van Man Hull and we were often being mistaken for other companies with similar names. New and inexperienced people were setting up with names like ‘The Van Man Hull’ and we feared that an mistakes or under-hand tactics carried out by these people may affect our stellar reputation.

The difference

The way we see it, there are different types of moving house companies. The good, the bad and the ugly. People have different ideas on the task in hand! I train my staff to treat everything they handle as if it were mine! This may seem a little funny but everything that is handled during their day at work is my responsibility. So in effect it may as well be mine!

Our aim is to be the best. Because the industry isn’t properly regulated, it is up to us what we do and how we do it. There are no exams, qualifications, guide-lines or even proper training in place. Anyone can get a van, advertise as a removal company and obtain work. If they are bad, they damage items or even steal items there really isn’t a great lot you, as the customer can do. You can complain, report it, tell your friends and family but beyond that, you’re at the mercy of the removal company that you choose.

Choosing a Moving House Company

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February 21st, 2016|