Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked:

The short answer to this is usually no. We often carry out a removal in the morning and another in the afternoon. If we start a job half way through the morning and it spans across the morning and afternoon it halves our earning potential for the day. The chances of us finding a customer who is happy for us to come and start the move before the 10am job and go an finish it off after the 10am job are slim. An way around this would be to hire us for the full day and then we will arrive at whatever time you wish.

Modern televisions, particularly flat screens and plasma types must be in their original packaging whilst being transported. They are extremely fragile and expensive items that were not designed to ride in the back of a vehicle. Although we will upon your request carry them in the van as safely as we can, we cannot guarantee their safety if they are not packaged correctly. Because of this we will not insure items of this nature if they are not packaged well. They would be safer in a car.

Yes. If you are moving a distance then it is possible to bag up your freezer contents and place them back in the appliance. Your removal team will then remove the contents before  carrying your freezer to the van and replace them once inside. Under no circumstances should anything heavy, particularly glass containers be left in a fridge that is destined for transit.

Once your fridge and/or freezer has been moved it has to be left to settle. The gases inside will expand with the vibrations during transit; if you then power the appliance on the gases will expand further potentially causing damage. Always leave appliances which have been transported to settle for at least four hours before turning them back on.

Ideally yes. Though they are more expensive than crisp boxes, or nappy boxes that you may be able to beg from a supermarket, they are strong and stackable making it easier to utilitise the space in the van more efficiently. If you do use lesser boxes, please make sure that you tape them well around the bottom to compensate for their lack of strength. A good option for free boxes are banana boxes which stack very well and come with lids.

Yes, unsealed boxes or boxes with their contents protruding out of the top are not ideal. They won’t pack very well in the van and it is possible for your items to escape during transit. All boxes must be filled to their level and closed and sealed.