Easy Self Store Hull job to Newcastle

1st Easy Self Store Hull to Newcastle

Easy Self Store HullWell, one of the Monstermove House removals and Easy Self Store Hull teams had a very easy morning today. We were booked by a previous customer to move a small amount of items over to 1st Storage Centres in Newcastle. The job was a particularly small one in comparison to most of the distance easy self store Hull moves that we do but we have some really intense days coming up so the team will have been happy for an easy day.

Packing Easy Self Store Hull containers

The packing of the Easy Self Store containers is very important. You pay for your storage by volume, per week. Which means the more efficiently we pack your units, the less you’ll pay on your monthly Easy Self Store invoice. We’ve extracted goods from Easy Self Store facilities in the past where customers have put themselves into store and it’s obvious to us that on some occasions, we could have consolidated the pack into less easy self store containers meaning a lower bill. We had one example where we filled the van and returned it to the customer and when we arrived, she asked how many more runs there would be. She was surprised to find out that we had got it all in one trip because it took her and her husband three trips to the easy self store facility to get their items in to store. And that was with the same sized vehicle. It’s amazing what a bit of experience and know-how can do!

Booking us to take care of your Easy Self Store Hull job

It’s easy to get a quote from us along with advice on the easy self store Hull facilities available locally. Simple visit our easy self store Hull page and fill out the short form. Your enquiry will then be sent to our office and dealt with promptly by one of our professional removals and storage advisers.

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July 29th, 2015|