Video: Why hire a removal company? Car stopped with fridge freezer

Why Hire a Removal Company?

Fast-thinking Steve Fazackerley, who lives nearby, whipped out his phone and took snaps and a video while police gave the driver and passengers a ticking off

Why hire a removal company? I mean who needs one? This guy certainly doesn’t! Can you imagine the trouble he had getting all of that in his car? And what sort of state it would be in when it came out. If that was a local run it would have cost him £40 if he’d have had us taken care of his removal! He literally ruined all of his stuff to save £40! Dear oh dear! He even had passengers in there!

Why hire a removal company?

We often see things like this! People think that it is expensive to hire a removal company. It really isn’t. Other say ‘it’s okay, I’ll just hire a van’, which will save you money but when you think about the job as moving home as a whole then you realise that you have to pack your home, box all of your cupboard contents, dismantle all of the necessary furniture. Then you have to arrange a lift to the hire company, bring the van back, load it, unload it! Build the furniture, unload the boxes. Yawn! I’m getting tired just typing it. What people don’t realise is that even the little job of refuelling the van and returning it is a big task after the big day! I forgot to mention that hire vans don’t come with all of the equipment needed to pack a van safely and efficiently. Without these you only pack the floor of the van, the upper half of the van doesn’t get utilised at all! Meaning twice the amount or journeys.

Everybody that we have spoken to that has moved themselves in the past has said ‘never again’. It’s not worth the £200 or whatever and they would rather pay to watch someone else take it on! Often people are surprised at what good value we offer and others are pleasantly surprised at the service we offer after reading about all of the cowboys masquerading as ‘professional removal company’.

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Source: Video: Car stopped with fridge freezer, ironing board, chair, lamp and more hanging from the boot – Manchester Evening News

January 7th, 2016|