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As another page turns and a new year arrives, Monstermove Removals hopes that everyone is ready for a prosperous 2016! We came back to work on January 2nd 2016, feeling fresh after the festivities and ready for the year ahead. Our year didn’t start so well! An alternator failed on one of our vehicles, thankfully though, she managed to get the job done before it gave in and we managed to get her back to base without having to call out the RAC! But.. These things happen and we’re not going to class it as a bad start to the year, in-fact our first day back was wonderful with a wonderful customer and of course not forgetting the traditional January rain!

Our first day – Monstermove Removals Beverley

Our first day back was a fairly large removal in Beverley which we carried out with four men – Nathan, Carl, Andy and Leigh (in order of appearance above). We moved Mrs. Thomas’s property which had four bedrooms within Beverley, some of her contents went to her new home and some to the Beverley 24 storage facility which is a 24 hour self service storage facility located on the North side of Beverley, East Yorkshire. Nobody looks forward to going back to work after a holiday but the guys were in high spirits and ready to take on whatever was thrown their way. Even after the van refusing to get one of the teams home without some perseverance, they finished the day on a light note.

Our first week – Monstermove Removals Hull

We always expect a slow start to the year. Let’s face it, the last thing people are thinking about over the Christmas period is moving home! We do however have plenty in to keep us busy. We start this week with some local house removals (after van 1 has been repaired of course!) and then on Tuesday we have a large house removal to London. It is only an apartment with one bedroom on Victoria Dock but it requires our full pack option, plenty of dismantling and reassembling of very expensive furniture and it’s coming from the second floor with no lift to the fourth floor in London with a lift about the size of an American Fridge Freezer! We’re allocating four men onto the packing and loading phase of the removal to ensure that we can complete in a single day and then sending two men off to the capital to unload and set up the customer’s new home. This is a lot to do in a day but easily accomplished by a capable, efficient and well organised team.

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