Removals in Hull. How to make sure it goes smoothly

House Removals in Hull

To ensure that your House Removals in Hull goes smoothly, it is important that you choose the right team. If a man has a van, and is able to raise his right arm and say the words “I’m a removal man” then it appears that he qualifies. This isn’t always the case. There are no governing bodies in place that ensure that a house removal company has to undergo specific training before they can offer the service. There isn’t even rules in place to ensure that house removal companies have the correct insurances in place to safeguard the customers that they offer their service to!

House Removals in Hull

This customer had a picture that looked just like one of the team!

House removals in Hull is a specialist area and there is no exact science to performing house removals in Hull. Each house removal is different! It contains different shapes and sizes with regards to the furniture, the layout of the property, staircase and of course the door frames will all be unique to that particular building. Because of this, you need to select an experienced house removals company that offer the right equipment, insurance and expertise that enable them to carry out your house removals in hull without facing any unnecessary and costly inconveniences on the day.

Removals in Hull

Monstermove Removals Hull offer all of the above, and more! Our vans are fully equipped with all of the standard removal accessories like transit blankets which cushion your property whilst it is secured in the vehicle as well as ties and webbing to hold it firmly in place during transit. We also carry purpose made sofa covers which are specially made to wrap around sofas of all sizes.
Tools are another thing that we carry in our vehicles. Sometimes that sofa or wardrobe just will not go in the new property without first being dismantled. It’s no good your removal company knocking on your brand new neighbour’s doors asking to borrow tools to disassemble your furniture. Professional removal companies such as Monstermove Removals come fully equipped and will resolve the issue in minutes with very little fuss.

Insurance is a very important factor when it comes to handling other people’s furniture through awkward spaces, manoeuvring it through and around tight access. We can handle over £50,000 worth of furniture in a single week, often transporting them cross-country so our insurance is very important. Monstermove Removals Hull covers your property up to £2m and your household contents are insured up to £25k. Peace of mind when you really don’t know who will be arriving until they knock on your door.

For a safe, efficient and first-rate service, contact Monstermove Removals today. A high ranking company offering a five star service, second to none.

July 9th, 2015|