Self Storage in Beverley

Due to a high demand for self storage Beverley, we have opted to offer the service to our customers. Whether you’re storing a full house, or just a few items, we can take care of things, from the transport to the efficient packing of your containers. With several years experience in dealing with self storage, we can guide you through the process with minimum fuss. We also have the packing of self storage containers down to an art, saving you money consolidating your self storage containers with efficient packing.

Keeping your property safe is paramount. We pack your possessions in the containers in the same manner as we pack them into our vehicles, utilising blankets and padding to ensure that nothing is in direct contact whilst in self storage. We also package your mattresses and sofas in polythene to preserve the condition that they cam to us in.


Monstermove Removals and Self Storage Beverley is a premium removal company. We are happy to transport your property into storage, store it securely and then bring it back to you when the time comes. We will also prepare your home prior to moving your property out with our full packing service. If you opt for this service then your team will arrive with all of the necessary equipment and packaging materials to take care of the full task from planning and preparation through to the transporting and packing at our storage facility. We follow a strict code whilst handling our customer’s property and the staff are trained to treat all of the property that they handle as if it belonged to their employer (would you want to break something of your boss’s?!). Because of this, our damage rate is minimal. In the unfortunate event that something of yours is damaged whilst in our care then we are fully insured. Ask our representative for information on our insurance cover when you contact us.

Our Aim

With so many ‘man and van’ firms around offering a ‘professional removal service’, it is important to us that we stand out from the crowd. We do everything that we can to leave a lasting impression on our customers which is probably the reason why a substantial percentage of our work is through repeat custom and referrals. We carry purpose made equipment to protect your sofas, mattresses and other property from their current location in your home to their destination. Your sofas will not see the light of day outside of your home and your mattresses are wrapped up in your bedroom and won’t come into contact with anything outside of your home.

Our vehicles are maintained to a very high standard and are serviced regularly which includes a 6 monthly health-check. They are painted in our company colours and stand out from the crowd, letting everybody know that you appreciate quality and attention to detail. Our staff are all uniformed, polite and keen to please as well as being professional and efficient in their line of work. If the weather is bad then we carry boot covers and offer the option of ‘doubling up’ your work-force to enable us to have an external and internal team to minimise the risk of soiling your carpets and floors. Although our rate is doubled for the extra man-power, the time is halved to is unlikely to increase the price. It’s often the case that the efficiency of a four-man crew supersedes that of a two man crew and it will save you a little money. And a free take-away on move-day is always a bonus!

Get in touch today

You are likely to have questions and we’re only to pleased to oblige. Call us on 01482 781085 or contact us via our website. However you choose to contact us, you’ll be greeted with a friendly and informative member of our team.