Our Services

Below is a list of the services that we offer. We’re not phased by a heavy item or two. Not even a Piano or two per day worries us. If it’s too heavy for you or too big for your car then call Monstermove and let us show you how it’s done. To get more information as well as a quotation on a service from above, simply click on the little green arrow to the right of the service required. Whichever service you need, we guarantee you customer satisfaction.

Our services aren’t limited to those listed above. We’ll do more or less anything that requires a team of sturdy men and/or a large vehicle. We’ve been booked to move the contents of a room into another room for the carpet fitters arrival, we’ve rearranged offices, tanning salons, dismantled sheds/garages you name it. If you need a keen and motivated team for a tough job then get in touch.

We often work for other removal companies, loading and unloading wagons which are passing with a one man crew. If you are a fellow removal company and need some labour in our area then call us on the mobile number. we’re happy to help.

If for any reason we can’t help with your request. If we’re busy with other things for example then don’t worry. We nearly always have teams to hand which we can draft in for you. Fear not, we only use experienced teams that we use frequently and it does save you a whole load of ringing around and researching companies, getting quotes etc . We simply make a call, check availability and book you in since we’ve already quoted you at this stage.